There is nothing quite like the sobering feeling of being well-rested, but how far do you have to go to get quality sleep. In the search for the perfect sleeping environment, many people focus on room temperature, lighting, background sounds, and mattress quality, but what about the sheets? Are all bed sheets made equally, or are some better for sleeping on than others? The answer might surprise you.

Quality Sheets and Better Sleep: The Verdict

Have you ever tried sleeping on a burlap bag? Perhaps not, but you can imagine that this kind of rough, stiff material would not be very comfortable to rest on – especially when compared to all the other options. It turns out that the quality of the sheets on a bed actually does matter.


Hotels know well that the best bed sheets quality affects sleep quality; the best hotels invest more into quality sheets for their guest rooms because they want their guests to have the ultimate relaxing experience. It feels amazing to snuggle into the type of smooth, soft, luxury bedding that only paying top price can bring – the result is deeper, more refreshing sleep.

Cheap sheets are prone to being rough like burlap. They wear out fast, developing little knots of lint that scratch at the skin. The low thread count makes these sheets feel and look more like nets than bed cover – and sleeping on them is often akin to sleeping on a cheese grater. While buying low priced sheets might be easier on your budget, it’s hard on your skin and your sleep.

No, all bed sheets are not made equally. Factors like thread count, fit, and stitching make all the difference – and it’s a difference you can see and feel, view now. Those who know the importance of getting a good night’s sleep have no problem appreciating the value of high quality bed sheets; experience one night of good sleep on high quality sheets when you’re used to cheap ones and you’ll be convinced too.

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