An average 2-bedroom apartment area can range anywhere from 900-1200 square feet. It’s not relatively large compared to some single-family home equivalents, and majority of apartments units are fairly close to each other in one building. Oftentimes, this gives an apartment lessee a false sense of security. Sometimes it makes them feel that since there are other properties in the building, the likelihood of an intrusion is less likely. This is far from the truth and reality of burglaries, and there are many reasons why you should get an alarm system even for a small apartment space. We’ve read alarm system reviews and have read through how alarm systems have benefited apartment renters.


It Happens More Often Than You Think

Most apartments offer the cheapest and least secure locks in the market. Landlords and apartment companies are always looking to cut back on costs, and one way they do this is by getting the most basic security options for apartments. Some apartment doors don’t even have dead bolts. How easy could it be for a burglar to pick a traditional lock during the daytime when you’re at work? It’ll be pretty easy when everyone else in your building is at work, and no one’s watching. The fact is, theft in apartments happen more than people think because most of these apartments have no alarm systems. If your apartment complex doesn’t provide it for you, then you have to get it for yourself. Many apartments already have ports that are ready for an alarm system hook up.

Should You Get an Alarm System for Your Apartment

You Have Value in Your Home

No matter what you think about your crappy furniture or your over-cramped space or your small TV, there is still a lot of value in your home that you’re probably just not seeing. You might have computers, a decent sized flat screen, a bunch of cash hidden away, or even a prized guitar. Burglars often know what to target, and even if you feel that you don’t have anything valuable now, you’ll feel differently once someone has broken into your private space. The violation will feel the same whether you lost a brand new laptop or just your sense of security. You can’t put a dollar amount on having peace and security in your home—the value of that is just too high.

Should You Get an Alarm System for Your Apartment

Your Apartment Should Be Secured

All in all, you shouldn’t have any reason not to get an alarm system for your apartment. It doesn’t have to be expensive or extensive. Any protection is better than none. A simple alarm system that covers your doors and windows can do wonders for your safety and security. Remember that burglars target apartments as well. They watch from a distance and study areas before they plan an attack. If they scout your building and realize that you have even basic sensors on your window, the chance of them breaking into your apartment will likely decrease. You should always protect yourself, and that can mean something as simple as getting an alarm system.